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Newmarket Holidays is a leading tour operator that offers affordable travel options to customers across the UK. Through the company customers can find European cruises, sports tours, family holiday options, local travel opportunities and much more. They can choose from romantic getaways for anniversaries or even plan a large group trip for their college friends or for a family reunion. Recently, the company launched a blog in order to give visitors detailed information on its various travel options, as well as information on destinations and specific programmes, like its educational tours for students. 

On the Newmarket Holidays blog, readers will find articles and information on a diverse range, from available Italy tours, river cruises and educational travel options. Potential customers can also read informative articles on travel topics like the best places to visit, specific sites to check out while on holiday, and more. Readers can also take a look back through the archives to see what was already discussed in past blogs.

The blog is user-friendly and easy to navigate. There is a search bar to help visitors find specific information easily and past blog posts are placed into categories so a reader can choose to look at certain subjects at one time instead of clicking back through the blog’s main page to read and find articles.

In an effort to provide more information, blog visitors can also check out videos and photos in order to get a taste of what each destination has to offer. Sometimes these pages can be the determining factor for customers debating on where to go.. To aid in the search for the perfect holiday, the company posts presentations and brochures on their site and other sites like Scribd and Slideshare. They are also made available to potential customers through the blog.

Most recently, Newmarket posted articles regarding the Christmas markets in Europe. The blog post gives a detailed description of some of the markets available during its Christmas break trips and tells readers what they can expect to experience while there. There are also recent blog posts about river cruises offered by the company  aboard the cruise ship MS Olympia. The blog post describes the cruises that can be taken on the Rhine, the Danube, and the Moselle.

The Newmarket Holidays blog is a great resource for those who are looking to find out exactly what the company has to offer them. For visitors who are unsure if the company is the right choice for their next holiday booking, the company blog may provide them with the right information to confidently choose Newmarket when booking their next getaway.

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