Why go on a Cruise?

Newmarket HolidaysMany people have considered going on a cruise, but they aren’t sure whether that type of getaway will suit their needs. In addition to being great value, cruises offer a plethora of other benefits.

Experience Somewhere New: There’s nothing more thrilling than waking up to a whole new culture each day. On a cruise you’ll witness stunning sights, and take in beautiful new horizons and landscapes each and every day, all while you relax on board. You don’t have to worry about getting from place to place either, meaning that you simply have to sit back and enjoy your holiday.

Ideal for Children: It’s great for parents to expose their children to new and exciting experiences and different cultures. However, children often get restless during travel, so taking your child from flight to flight, and from hotel to hotel, is simply not practical. Family cruises remove this element. Instead, cruises provide entertainment and a plethora of activities that your child can enjoy while travelling.

Enjoy a Range of Different Cuisines: Cruises allow you to enjoy a range of different culinary delights. Food on cruises is, generally speaking, of a high quality, and there’s a great variety of food available. You can enjoy buffets, BBQs, fine dining and more. Usually on cruises, there’s also food from a range of cuisines available to travellers – from English to Indian – so you are sure to find something to suit your tastes.

Sample Different Cultures Conveniently: Taking in new sights and experiencing new cultures is an incredible experience, but for many people, it can be an activity stained by uneccesary stress. Flights, bus journeys and checking into hotels are all things that take time and effort, especially if you want to visit more than one place. With cruises, however, all of these factors are taken away. You simply board the cruise ship, and while enjoying fine foods, activities and high-quality entertainment, you are taken to new and exotic locations. When the ship reaches a port, you simply get off and prepare to experience a whole new culture.

Cruises with Newmarket Holidays

Newmarket Holidays offer a range of cruises. Newmarket Holidays is a UK based travel company, which has won numerous awards. The company offers an extensive range of trips and getaways, including coach trips, rail breaks, coach holidays, theatre breaks, escorted tours, concert breaks and holidays within the UK and abroad.

Newmarket Holidays | UK Holiday Specialist

Newmarket Holidays is a leading UK holiday specialist. The company has been providing quality escorted holidays to customers since 1983, initially focusing on coach trips in the UK and in Europe. The company has since expanded and now offers escorted holidays to the USA,Canada and South America, as well as exotic Asian destinations. This leading specialist tour operator has gathered over 30 years of experience in the field and has become highly knowledgeable about finding the right travel arrangements and the right accommodations for its customers, as well as quality plans and itineraries that help bring destinations to life.

Travellers with Newmarket Holidays will experience comfortable travel and accommodation, as well as learn a great deal about their destinations thanks to the services of a professional and friendly Tour Manager. Newmarket Holidays arranges travel only with reputable airlines and hotels. When possible, Newmarket Holidays works with established hotel chains. Otherwise, it arranges comfortable accommodation at well-regarded local hotels.

Newmarket HolidaysNewmarket Holidays has won prestigious industry awards, including British Travel Awards for its service to customers. It has gained attention in particular for its escorted holidays to Italy and Malta. The holidays to Italy demonstrate Newmarket Holidays’ commitment to providing a fascinating and enthralling journey to any of the destinations it covers. With arrangements taken care of and a Tour Manager present, customers will get genuine value for money. Moreover, Newmarket Holidays customers can benefit from the combination of included and optional excursions. This gives travellers some much needed flexibility in choosing whether to have more free time or to explore more of the destinations at fair rates.

Newmarket Holidays has earned recognition as one of the largest independently owned tour operators based within the United Kingdom. It is, further, the leading provider of ‘Reader Holidays’ to the UK newspaper industry, and provides dedicated service for group travel arrangements.

Newmarket Holidays is currently offering truly exciting travel opportunities as part of its Faraway Collection of holidays. These holidays feature travel opportunities to some of the most desirable, exotic and enthralling destinations on the planet. Newmarket Holidays now has escorted holidays to the likes of Japan, Brazil, China, India, Argentina, New Zealand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. These are all countries known for diverse and remarkable cultures, as well as for natural beauty. Newmarket Holidays customers have the opportunity to explore these countries’ compelling histories and cultures in an easy and comfortable way, truly bringing the destinations to life.

Cruise on the Rhine Through Germany and France to Switzerland | Newmarket Holidays

A cruise on the Rhine can also mean a glimpse of much of the rest of what the continent has to offer. With three countries covered in France, Germany and Switzerland, travellers can enjoy various sights and stunning natural beauty in comfort and style. Moreover, cruises such as those offered by experienced United Kingdom-based tour operator Newmarket Holidays can truly offer an experience of a lifetime at genuine value for the traveller’s money.

The views along the Rhine are spectacular, with pretty towns, villages, vineyards and castles right out of a fairy-tale lining the banks. Optional excursions will certainly be worthwhile, with so many historical sites and wonderful cities passing by. Beginning at Andernach, an ancient town on the Rhine, is ideal. From there, the cruise ship will go upstream, heading into the Middle Rhine past such sights as the Ehrenbreitstein castle. Vineyards and castles are commonly seen from the river in this region, before the river runs through the astonishing Rhine Gorge.

Newmarket HolidaysAfter that, a stop at the ancient city of Speyer is essential. The city’s old town, or Altstadt, is UNESCO-listed and deservedly so. Speyer is a stunning, historic city with the heritage of being one of the Holy Roman Empire’s most important. Speyer is among the oldest cities in Germany and the foundation stone of the imperial cathedral was laid as early as 1030. As the cruise along the Rhine goes on, travellers will pass by the French city of Strasbourg, capital of the French region of Alsace. The city is known for being home to the European Parliament and for its stunning historical centre, the first entire city centre to be UNESCO-listed. The Petite France quarter is a maze-like compendium of streets, canals and medieval buildings. From there, head on to Breisach, from where travellers can venture into the Black Forest, visiting the capital Freiburg. The historic and beautiful Swiss city of Basel is the southernmost point of this cruise (unless expeditions to other Swiss cities such as Lucerne are made) which then heads north again.

Mannheim is a good spot on the river and excursions from this point to Heidelberg are common. Heidelberg has been important to artists and poets for hundreds of years. Mainz also has a stunning cathedral for architecture and history lovers. The cruise ends in Cologne, where exploring the old town and its beautiful Gothic cathedral is recommended.

Newmarket Holidays – Cruising

Newmarket Holidays understands that many of its customers like to experience a multitude of different places and sights during their holiday, without the need for tiring and excessive travelling. It is with this in mind, that the company offers its customers the opportunity to experience the enjoyment of a cruise. Cruises are becoming an increasingly popular option for those that like to travel in comfort, with the benefit of on board hotel-style accommodation. Newmarket Holidays offers its customers just this. While cruising between different places, their customers can enjoy luxurious surroundings, can relax in their rooms or in one of the many restaurants and bars on board, or simply stroll around the ship, taking in new places and meeting fellow passengers.

Newmarket HolidaysOperating from a variety of ports around the United Kingdom, Newmarket Holidays’ cruises give customers a large number of options and destinations to choose from – including the picturesque Scandinavia and  a popular series of river cruises into Central Europe. At increasingly affordable prices, these cruises are becoming a favoured choice of many customers looking for variety, excitement and a touch of luxury.

Newmarket Holidays is able to offer customers a whole host of different travel options in order to meet the needs of the individual. A good example is their Rhine River Cruise, on which customers can choose to travel out to the cruise vessel by coach, rail, ferry or air. Coach connections to cruises like this are also available from a number of ports around the United Kingdom, including Hull and Newcastle in the north, and to Dover in the south.

These cruises are particularly popular for couples or groups that are celebrating a special occasion or event and want to experience something a little different. Newmarket Holidays understands the enjoyment gained from going to sleep at one location and waking up on a new morning somewhere totally different and diverse. The Newmarket Product Team have ensured that each cruise offers customers this variety, while at the same time not impacting on the relaxed nature of the cruise.

For those customers wanting to experience somewhere further afield and for a longer duration, Newmarket Holidays offer the opportunity to join extended cruises to exotic locations such as Australia and South Africa, taking in magnificent destinations like Mauritius on the way.

Experience the culture and sights of Japan | Newmarket Holidays

Newmarket Holidays offers a fantastic, fully-escorted tour of Japan, which includes visits to some of the country’s most spectacular attractions. If you book this tour, you’ll have the opportunity to experience and learn more about the culture, traditions and history of this fascinating nation. The first day of this tour is spent flying to Japan, overnight. Landing in Osaka, you will be greeted by a friendly, professional tour manager, who will take you to Kyoto, a city that you will be exploring for the following three days.

Newmarket HolidaysYour Tour Manager will take you to some of the city’s most popular attractions, including the Ryoan-ji Zen garden, Nijo Castle (which is UNESCO-listed) and the vibrant, bustling Nishiki market. When evening rolls around, you’re free to do as you please; you might want to relax at the hotel, or perhaps you would prefer to stroll around the streets of Gion and soak up the incredible atmosphere.

The next day, you will be driven by coach to Nara. This city has a rich history, and boasts many ancient buildings and statues – including the Todai-ji temple, and the Shinto shrine Kasuga. Upon your return to Kyoto, your guide will take you to another beautiful temple called Kiyomizu–dera; the views of the city from the top of this structure are breathtaking. There will also be time to explore the charming streets of Sannen-saka and Ninen-saka, and to take part in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

The fifth day of your trip will be spent in Kanazawa, which is home to one of the world’s most spectacular gardens, Kenroku-en. Following a guided tour of this natural wonder, you will be brought through the fascinating geisha district of Higashi Chaya-Gai, and into the Samurai House, located in Nagamachi.

On day six, you and the other Newmarket Holidays customers will head south, making your way to Shirikawa-go, a UNESCO-listed village made up of traditional thatched farmhouses and shops. During the afternoon, you will visit the stunning house known as Wada, which was constructed by one of the wealthiest families in the region. After this, there will be an overnight journey to Takayama, a charming and tranquil spot. Here, you will be treated to a visual spectacle, in the form of the Yatai Kaikan festival floats. The following morning, you will also be given some time to explore the town’s local market, before heading off to Matsumoto city.


Newmarket Holidays – British Travel Awards Veterans

The holiday industry is notoriously competitive. Holiday companies and tour operators have to provide exceptional service to their customers if they are to stay at the top of the industry. One way in which the reputation of an operator can be enhanced is by receiving industry nominations and awards. There are a variety of awards in the travel world, but those that are valued most highly are the ones that derive from a public vote.

Industry awards that are ultimately influenced by travel experts or judges who have little or no direct contact with the operators are effective in the sense that they deliver an objective view. Yet they are somehow remote from reality, and in that respect are less insightful. The British Travel Awards differ in the sense that the accolades they award come directly from votes placed by the consumers themselves.

Newmarket HolidaysNewmarket Holidays is one holiday company that has benefitted from this approach in recent years.  In 2011 they won the British Travel Awards title of Best UK Coach Operator. This was clearly not a stroke of luck, as Newmarket Holidays again won the hearts and minds of its customers in 2012, securing the Best Tour Operator to the Italian Peninsula and Malta award. In 2013, the now veteran award-winners have received no fewer than five nominations. The phrase “success breeds success” is certainly true for Newmarket Holidays.

Participants in the voting process for the British Travel Awards include over 100,000 independent UK households. They will have been on the receiving end of numerous types of holiday experiences from a wide range of operators. These are the consumers who save up each year to book and enjoy holidays, and whom have high expectations of a positive experience supported by outstanding customer service. The British Travel Awards offer customers the chance to share the benefit of their experiences, and give them a chance to make a real difference.

Holiday companies receiving good support in the British Travel Awards see a rise in customer numbers as a result. This is great news for the chosen nominees and winners, but only if they are able to continually provide good service. Holiday customers rarely give operators a second chance if they receive poor-quality service. Any operator receiving awards and nominations for a number of consecutive years from the British Travel Awards is sending out a clear message to its customers that they are constantly striving to achieve and improve.

Booking a break with Newmarket Holidays | Newmarket Holidays

Newmarket Holidays is a popular UK tour operator. With three decades of experience in the travel industry, Newmarket Holidays is adept at arranging memorable breaks which offer excellent value for money. Customer care is a top priority at Newmarket Holidays. From the second a booking is made, to the day you return home from your trip, its staff will be on hand to make sure that your travel experience is as perfect as possible. Whether you decide to go off on a whirlwind adventure halfway across the world, or take a simple two-day break closer to home, Newmarket Holidays can help you to have the break of your dreams.

Newmarket Holidays

Over the last thirty years, Newmarket Holidays has become known as a leading tour operator in the UK. It is famed for being the main supplier of ‘reader’ breaks in the newspaper industry, and is also a top provider of group travel holidays for large societies and other associations. The tireless efforts of its staff members have led to Newmarket Holidays garnering several industry awards over the years, including the title of Best Tour Operator to the Italian Peninsula and Malta in 2012.

Newmarket Holidays offers a comprehensive service, taking care of every detail of your trip. Before you set off on your journey, its employees will do their best to address your queries and questions. You can find a lot of information on the Newmarket Holidays website, but you can also speak directly to one of the company’s knowledgeable travel consultants if you need to. After you make your booking, you will be sent joining instructions, which will allow you to prepare for your upcoming break.

Newmarket Holidays aims to make your holiday perfect, which is why its staff members go to great lengths to ensure that the day-by-day arrangements are impeccably planned, and that the accommodation is of a high standard. A tour manager from Newmarket Holidays will be present throughout the trip, to bring the places you visit to life and to answer any questions you might need to ask.  They never intrude on your time, but are simply there to ensure that your holiday goes as smoothly as possible. Upon your return home, you will be able to keep in touch with Newmarket Holidays via their periodic email newsletters. You can also visit their website, if you want to stay up to date with their latest holidays and special offers.

Newmarket Holidays / Thirty Years of Escorted Holidays

Newmarket Holidays was proud to celebrate thirty years in operation as a leading UK escorted holiday provider in 2013. Since 1983, Newmarket Holidays has been offering Newmarket Holidayscustomers a wide range of escorted tours, coach trips and holidays, rail breaks, theatre and shopping vacations and more. As part of the Newmarket Group, Newmarket Holidays has been active in offering readers of most of the UK’s daily and weekly newspapers opportunities to partake in fully organised, guided breaks to venues such as London’s West End, concerts by leading musical artists and major sporting events, as well as getaways across the British Isles. Newmarket Holidays also offers trips to exciting overseas locations such as Disneyland Paris and a large and growing number of exotic destinations throughout Europe, the USA, Canada and the Far East.

Each carefully selected holiday in the Newmarket Holidays portfolio has been designed to offer travellers the very best value for money. Newmarket holidays are put together by a team of qualified and experienced experts who are trained to seek out the perfect balance between a fantastic experience and a low price for the customer, creating high-calibre holiday experiences that won’t break the bank. Over the past thirty years the team at Newmarket Holidays has been able to build up a wealth of knowledge and experience, and forge long-standing connections with hoteliers, restaurant owners, theatre managers and many more well-placed personnel in order to offer Newmarket customers great-value holidays that will be remembered fondly for a lifetime.

The skills developed over more than a quarter of a century of operation have allowed Newmarket Holidays to achieve numerous accolades. Most recently these have included nominations in no less than five separate categories at the British Travel Awards, including Best Escorted Tours Holiday Company, Best Coach Holiday Company and Best Holiday Company for Customer Service. In previous years Newmarket Holidays has collected British Travel Awards for Best UK Coach Tour Operator (in 2011) and Best Tour Operator to Italy and Malta (in 2012), as well as being short-listed for both Best Coach Holiday Operator and Best Operator to the USA in 2012. As these awards are voted for by the British public, these achievements go a long way towards demonstrating the levels of customer service, comfort and affordability Newmarket Holidays offers. Whether you’re looking for a month-long, guided, round–the-world trip or a short theatre break to the West End, Newmarket Holidays has something of value to offer everyone.

Newmarket Holidays / Christmas Market Short Breaks and Holidays

As one of the UK’s leading guided tour and holiday providers, Newmarket Holidays is proud to be able to offer its customers one of the widest ranges of Christmas shopping breaks available. With a huge selection of trips to popular Christmas markets both within the UK and throughout Europe, Newmarket holidays give everyone the opportunity to pick up some traditional, unusual or much sought after Christmas gifts from some of the most festive and scenic locations in the Western world.

Newmarket HolidaysWithin the UK, Newmarket Holidays is able to offer customers a choice of around a dozen separate Christmas market short breaks in some of the most historic and picturesque towns and cities in the country. All of the UK Newmarket Holidays Christmas markets breaks include coach or rail transport from locations throughout the North and South of England, a night in quality bed and breakfast accommodation and shopping at some of the biggest and best Christmas markets and town centres. Newmarket holidays focus on areas of historic interest such as the St Nicholas Fayre in York, one of the oldest cities in the UK, or a trip to Brontë country that includes both the Haworth Victorian Christmas Market on day one and the Christkindlemarkt German Fair in Leeds. Each Newmarket Holidays UK Christmas break destination has been carefully chosen to offer customers a truly festive experience with no hassle.

For those who prefer to travel a little further in search of the elusive perfect gifts, Newmarket Holidays is able to offer a wide selection of European city destinations for four- or five-day breaks, each of which features festive markets, throughout November and December. A Newmarket Holidays trip to Berlin offers customers the opportunity not only to shop at around 50 separate Christmas markets, but also to experience ice-skating, fairground rides and even a dry ski-slope situated right in the heart of the city. Wenceslas Square in Prague has hosted an array of traditional Christmas markets for over a thousand years. Newmarket Holidays travellers can enjoy a walking tour of the historic city, including the Jewish quarter and the famous Astronomical Clock, browse the charming markets and year-round shopping centres, and even head out on an optional river cruise that includes a buffet lunch. Newmarket Holidays flies to Italy, Austria, Switzerland and many other European locations, with focus on finding the best Christmas experiences for travellers.

Newmarket Holidays / Escorted Short Breaks in Scenic Scotland

Newmarket Holidays has been specialists in the escorted holiday market for thirty years. Over this time Newmarket Holidays has built up an extensive portfolio of short breaks, guided tours, lengthy holidays and all manner of trips in order to offer their customers one of the biggest and best selections in the UK. Newmarket Holidays’ customers are able to choose anything, from a three-week long tour across the globe to a short weekend break Newmarket Holidaysincluding a visit to a scenic English country house. Within the UK there are many beautiful locations to choose from through Newmarket Holidays. One of the most scenic parts of the British Isles has to be Scotland, with rolling hills and glens, glistening lochs and vast tracts of unspoilt countryside covered with verdant grass and purple heather, Scotland has a lot to offer the traveller.

One of Scotland’s most famous exports is, of course, whisky. Newmarket Holidays has put together a tour that takes in both some of the most scenic landscapes in the UK and the opportunity to visit a distillery and a cooperage to find out more about how the iconic drink is produced, and to sample a ‘wee dram’. The Newmarket Holidays Whisky Trail and Highland Rails tour lasts five days and includes rail travel throughout the Highlands across two of the most breathtaking areas of natural beauty in the UK.

The Newmarket Holidays Highlands and Islands tour encompasses a trip to the mysterious Loch Ness in search of the mythical underwater monster, a stay on the Isle of Skye and lunch on the Isle of Arran and travel through the county of Ayrshire, an area that boasts the historic town of Glencoe and the desolate yet captivating natural beauty of Rannoch Moor. This Newmarket Holidays trip lasts for seven days and ends with an opportunity to explore Edinburgh, the Scottish capital, before flying home.

For those who prefer the city life to the countryside, Newmarket Holidays is able to offer a visit to Edinburgh that includes seats at the world-famous Tattoo, where guests can experience a spectacular display of pipes and drums, dancing and military routines, before heading back to the hotel for a three-course evening meal. This fully managed Newmarket Holidays tour also includes a day out to Loch Lomond and a visit to the Falkirk Wheel, the world’s only rotating boat lift.