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Canada is the world’s second largest country by geographical size, lying behind only Russia. However, Canada is sparsely populated in comparison to the United States, its neighbour to the south. In fact, the population of Canada is less than a tenth the population of the United States. This is great for travellers who love nature because it means that most of Canada is composed of pristine nature. Cities in Canada usually match a bustling, lively feel with a reasonably small population, meaning that even they offer a less unpleasantly crowded feel than many other major cities worldwide. Canada is a great place to explore unspoiled nature, protected in national parks where wildlife sightings are far from unusual. 

Newmarket HolidaysA trip to the Canadian Rockies can be one of the most exhilarating journeys a traveller may make during his or her lifetime. While the Canadian Rockies are famous as a destination for mountain adventurers and winter sports adrenaline seekers, driving through the Rocky Mountains can by itself be an experience of a lifetime.

Starting out exploring the Canadian West is best done by beginning in modern, cosmopolitan Vancouver, a city with some of the world’s best restaurants and a quality of life ranked higher than most of the world’s cities. Vancouver is also home to historical attractions such as the renovated area of Gastown and the English Bay area on the waterfront. Vancouver Island is just a ferry ride away; here the provincial capital of Victoria retains more of a Victorian, British quality than much of Britain does.

Of course, the Canadian Rockies themselves are the main attraction. Whistler is among the world’s top destinations for winter sports and is also a popular mountain resort any time of year. From there, head to Sun Peaks and enjoy not only the wondrous natural beauty but also the alpine feel of the resort town. Entering Alberta, the Rockies become even more magnificent, with Jasper National Park holding some of the most remarkable scenery in the region. Taking a cable car to scale the mountains in Jasper is a popular activity for a reason: it provides incomparable scenic vistas to behold. The Icefields Parkway is a wonder all of its own, leading south, past the magnificent Lake Louise, on to the popular Alberta mountain resort of Banff, known for its shopping, dining and spectacular surroundings. Newmarket Holidays offers escorted holidays with real value-for-money to the stunning Canadian Rockies.

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