Newmarket Holidays – Brief history and overview

Newmarket Holidays is an independent tour operator that is based in the United Kingdom and offers its customers escorted tour holidays to destinations throughout the world. The experienced and knowledgeable staff at Newmarket Holidays are extremely customer Newmarket Holidaysfocused, and strive to offer current and prospective customers relevant advice and assistance regarding all aspects relating to their range of holidays. Newmarket Holidays has a burgeoning reputation for offering their customers first-class holidays at affordable prices. Since the company was first established, Newmarket Holidays has grown steadily both in terms of stature and standing and is now regarded as one of the largest independent tour operators in the United Kingdom.

The staff at Newmarket Holidays are renowned for their dedication and commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction throughout each and every escorted tour that they offer. They have worked extremely hard to identify the best accommodation, and have meticulously planned the itineraries in order to make them both engaging and exciting for all of their customers.

The company itself was established in 1983 in conjunction with The Newmarket Group, and its steady rise has seen it win plaudits for its escorted tours due to the excellent customer service offered by its staff and its dedication to offer customers value for money. The hard work of Newmarket Holidays has not gone unrecognised by official bodies either, with the company receiving numerous industry accolades, which include back-to-back “Best Tour Operator” awards relating specifically to coach holidays,holidays to Italy and escorted tours. Newmarket Holidays are quite rightly proud of these fantastic achievements and hope to keep evolving and improving their services further for the benefit of future clients.

Newmarket Holidays offer its customers the opportunity to experience a multitude of destinations worldwide and also offers escorted tours to various events, concerts and shows throughout the world. Newmarket Holidays works closely with a number of organisations and is particularly proud of its links with them.

Newmarket Holidays is keen to offer customers stress-free holidays and has taken great care in planning each and every one of its tours with the interests of its customers in mind. Many of the tours offer local departures throughout the country and the staff at Newmarket Holidays are committed to providing options for all of their customers, regardless of budget and duration.

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