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Newmarket HolidaysIn addition to the many local and continental guided tours on offer from Newmarket Holidays, there is also the option to go somewhere a little further afield, and to see the sights on the other side of the world. Newmarket Holidays present customers with a choice of destinations, departing from UK airports, from China and Japan to exploring the islands of New Zealand.

All holidays are great value with a priority being placed on the standards of accommodation and on creating an exciting and busy itinerary for each location. Newmarket Holidays has thirty years in the business, and so customer can rest assured that they are investing in a good-quality holiday with a minimum of fuss. On hand at each location are the trained and knowledgeable Newmarket Holidays Tour Managers, who will able to assist with any customer’s queries and ensure that their stay is as hassle-free as possible. The Tour Managers are responsible for solving any disputes, but primarily they are there to serve as a guide with extensive local knowledge, and as such they can highlight points of interests and any events that might appeal to the travellers.

Newmarket Holidays present customers with two main choices – book a package where all the excursions and tours are included, or a package where some or all of the trips are optional, leaving the customer with the option of doing their own thing or simply relaxing. Each day of the holiday will have something different to offer, whether that is taking in the view of the Taj Mahal at sunset, or looking across Rio de Janeiro from the top of Sugar Loaf mountain, wending your way through spectacular scenery as you head from highlight to highlight or time for a relaxed browse of some fascinating local shops and markets. The teams at Newmarket Holidays have over three decades worth of experience when it comes to designing guided tours and as a result, customers can be assured that their holiday will be both exciting and hassle-free.

As ever, security and safety are of the highest priority with Newmarket Holidays, and this means that every customer’s money is ATOL and ABTA-bond protected. In the event of an emergency, there is a 24-hour emergency hotline that customers can use if the Tour Manager is unreachable. Although, in practise, taking a break with Newmarket Holidays means that customers can just relax and let the experts handle the stress.

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