Newmarket Holidays – Only the Most Trusted Travel Partners

Travelling abroad can be a hit-and-miss affair. There are so many choices to be made, from the airline and hotel to the local transport and tour operator. When booking a trip with Newmarket Holidays, customers are buying far more than their tour. Newmarket Holidays clients are investing in the benefits derived from 30 years of experience in the holiday tour-operating market.  Newmarket Holidays knows the industry inside-out. It has survived the latest devastating economic recession and continues to thrive in one of the most competitive markets in industry.

Newmarket Holidays is successful because it offers individuals exactly what they want, which ultimately, is quality, diversity and outstanding value for money. Furthermore, it delivers on its promises. The wealth of experience and knowledge held by Newmarket Holidays can only be gained from working within a particular industry for many years. Newmarket Holidays knows instinctively which service providers they can trust, and the customer service team also knows when to make a change. Newmarket Holidays customers demand high quality and they receive it.

Customers reserving a tour with Newmarket Holidays can rest easy, knowing that their flights will be serviced by airlines who have a good reputation for quality, service and safety. Upon arriving in a destination, Newmarket Holidays customers want to be sure that their accommodation is of a good standard, too. Touring, travelling and sightseeing is an enormous amount of fun, but Newmarket Holidays knows that a significant part of any holiday is about where you stay. A good quality hotel is important.

By their very nature, tours involve moving about, and this inevitably means a change in hotel every now and again.  Newmarket Holidays knows that consistency is key to customer satisfaction, and goes to great lengths to ensure that the hotels booked on each tour meet their customers’ expectations. Accommodation selected by Newmarket Holidays is chosen not only for its level of comfort, but also for the value it offers, the amenities on site and the location. Most have a restaurant on site or very close by.

Newmarket HolidaysThe Tour Managers who work for Newmarket Holidays are always on hand to offer advice and assistance to customers. Many have worked with Newmarket Holidays in their chosen locations before and will be able to offer local knowledge on the best restaurants or nightlife in a given area. It’s like having a talking guidebook to hand. Newmarket Holidays endeavours to work with names that are trusted within the industry at every stage of its tours.

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