Newmarket Holidays – Cruising

Newmarket Holidays understands that many of its customers like to experience a multitude of different places and sights during their holiday, without the need for tiring and excessive travelling. It is with this in mind, that the company offers its customers the opportunity to experience the enjoyment of a cruise. Cruises are becoming an increasingly popular option for those that like to travel in comfort, with the benefit of on board hotel-style accommodation. Newmarket Holidays offers its customers just this. While cruising between different places, their customers can enjoy luxurious surroundings, can relax in their rooms or in one of the many restaurants and bars on board, or simply stroll around the ship, taking in new places and meeting fellow passengers.

Newmarket HolidaysOperating from a variety of ports around the United Kingdom, Newmarket Holidays’ cruises give customers a large number of options and destinations to choose from – including the picturesque Scandinavia and  a popular series of river cruises into Central Europe. At increasingly affordable prices, these cruises are becoming a favoured choice of many customers looking for variety, excitement and a touch of luxury.

Newmarket Holidays is able to offer customers a whole host of different travel options in order to meet the needs of the individual. A good example is their Rhine River Cruise, on which customers can choose to travel out to the cruise vessel by coach, rail, ferry or air. Coach connections to cruises like this are also available from a number of ports around the United Kingdom, including Hull and Newcastle in the north, and to Dover in the south.

These cruises are particularly popular for couples or groups that are celebrating a special occasion or event and want to experience something a little different. Newmarket Holidays understands the enjoyment gained from going to sleep at one location and waking up on a new morning somewhere totally different and diverse. The Newmarket Product Team have ensured that each cruise offers customers this variety, while at the same time not impacting on the relaxed nature of the cruise.

For those customers wanting to experience somewhere further afield and for a longer duration, Newmarket Holidays offer the opportunity to join extended cruises to exotic locations such as Australia and South Africa, taking in magnificent destinations like Mauritius on the way.

Newmarket Holidays | River Cruises 2014

Although most people think of coaches when they hear the words ‘escorted holidays’, Newmarket Holidays are proud to present travellers with an alternative option to seeing the sights at the heart of Europe. MS Olympia is an elegant and well-appointed river cruise vessel that will take Newmarket Holidays customers along the major waterways of the continent, allowing them to enjoy a lazy meander through Germany, the Netherlands and Austria.

Newmarket HolidaysWith a capacity of around 100 passengers, MS Olympia is large enough to accommodate enough people for the many bookings Newmarket Holidays receive for some of their most popular escorted holidays. Only having 100 people on board however, means the trips are not so large as to risk any compromise of the company’s policy of delivering good customer service. Newmarket Holidays provides every trip on the Olympia with a knowledgeable and professional Cruise Manager who will be on hand to liaise with the company for any customer queries, as well as being responsible for the trip’s itinerary. While customers may disembark at certain points along the trip, the Cruise Manager will be on hand to guide them towards interesting landmarks, exciting events and fascinating visitor attractions. Put simply, each Newmarket Holidays Cruise Manager is there to ensure customers have a hassle-free and enjoyable holiday.

There is a considerable range of river cruise destinations for Newmarket Holidays customers. Germany is a popular option with many cruises along the famous Rhine river, including a summertime cruise down the river complete with firework displays. Another comprehensive cruise option is to visit the Black Forest, a typical fairytale expanse of woodland in the centre of the country, with stops along the way to visit quaint German towns. Alternatively, customers can join the Olympia on one of Newmarket Holidays’ trips to the Netherlands and the majestic Dutch bulb fields, which also include time in Amsterdam.

Departing for the trips aboard the Olympia could not be simpler. Coach transfers are available from many locations across the country – just one of the ways that Newmarket Holidays ensures that any holiday with the company is as hassle-free as possible.