Newmarket Holidays enables customers to gain a unique perspective on the beautiful corners of Britain

For many consumers, it is important to make sure that the holiday company they choose is reputable and has a proven track record when it comes to service. This is one of the reasons why Newmarket Holidays is the company of choice for so many travellers. Last year, Newmarket Holidays celebrated its 30th anniversary. Over the last three decades, the company has developed a reputation for good value for money and excellent service.

These highly professional standards have received industry recognition. Further evidence for this came last year when Newmarket Holidays picked up the accolade for Best Escorted Tours Holiday Company at the British Travel Awards. The BTA has grown to be regarded as a badge of excellence within the travel industry and over the last six years has established itself as the largest awards programme based on public votes (rather than relying on the opinions of a handful of industry insiders). This wasn’t the first time the efforts of Newmarket Holidays have been recognised at the BTA: the company was the winner of the Best Operator to Italy title in 2012. A year earlier, Newmarket Holidays received the award for Best Coach Holiday Operator.

For those individuals looking to explore the corners of the world, Newmarket Holidays offers holidays to destinations as far afield as India, Japan and Peru. At the same time however, Newmarket Holidays recognises that large numbers of people are looking to explore the many attractions that lie closer to home. For such individuals, it is worth paying close attention to what Newmarket Holidays has to offer within its range of breaks in Britain and Ireland. Many of these breaks from Newmarket Holidays enable travellers to see hidden parts of the country from an interesting perspective. For instance, newmarket holidaysfor those people who have always wished to visit the rugged Scottish Highlands but have assumed the region to be difficult to access, the Newmarket Holidays Scottish Highlands Railways break is likely to have special appeal. Newmarket Holidays takes its customers to the heart of the Highlands of Scotland to enjoy three iconic and spectacular rail journeys. The holiday price includes return flights from the customer’s local airport to Edinburgh. Newmarket Holidays also includes four nights’ dinner, bed and breakfast at a good hotel based in the Highlands of Scotland in addition to the professional services of a Newmarket Holidays Tour Manager.

Hong Kong and China | Newmarket Holidays

Hong Kong remains one of the world’s most fascinating places to visit. It is hardly surprising that it continues to draw travellers from all around the world to it. A former British colony, Hong Kong retains much of its colonial past. Technically belonging to China, Hong Kong is still very much its own place – offering a vibrant and remarkable mix of cultures and traditions – that has morphed into one of the most densely populated and exciting cities in the world. Breathtaking, historic architecture in the form of monasteries and other religious sites mixes with colonial architecture, as well as dazzling ultra-modern skyscrapers and shopping malls.

Newmarket HolidaysThe mainland of China provides a vast, diverse contrast to Hong Kong’s distilled vibrancy. China is one of the most populous countries in the world, with over 1.3 billion residents, and is also one of its largest by area. China covers 9.6 million square miles of territory, home to many cultures, several languages and great historical sites of all kinds. The country also features some of the world’s most astonishing modern achievements in architecture and engineering. Shanghai is a city of glass and steel, ultra-modern and moving at a truly breathless pace. Beijing offers many stunning and historically important sites to visit, while not far from the city is the Yangtze river, an essential part of a visit to China. By taking a cruise on the Yangtze, the world’s third-largest river, one can immerse oneself in both centuries-old culture and in stunningly beautiful scenery. Other notable sights in China include those found in the silk route city of Suzhou and in the ancient city of Xi’an. In Xi’an, the world-famous Terracotta Army is the main attraction, but grand old buildings abound and the cultural diversity within China is on clear display. Chengdu, with its Giant Pandas, is another attraction.

Chinese food is found all around the world, but it goes without saying that it is more authentic in China than anywhere else in the world. Chinese food is massively varied and offers, in different regions, virtually all the fresh ingredients and flavour combinations one can imagine. Chinese cuisine has developed over millennia, absorbing influences through the Silk Route for example.

Newmarket Holidays offers travellers the opportunity to see and experience both Hong Kong and essential sites in mainland China. The escorted holidays offered by this company cover many of the highlights mentioned above.

Newmarket Holidays – Rock, Pop and Live Entertainment

Newmarket Holidays is one of the leading independent tour operators in the United Kingdom and has many years’ worth of experience arranging visits to some of the most in-demand concerts across Europe. Customers can rest assured that their experience will be as enjoyable and relaxed as possible while travel and ticketing requirements will be smooth and efficient. Since its first organised coach trip to Paris in 1983, Newmarket Holidays has grown in experience and expertise, and is able to pass this onto customers via their team of highly skilled staff. Trips to live events, such as concerts, can be tricky to organise and arrange – particularly if the concert is in high demand or taking place far away from your home. Newmarket Holidays provides its customers with all of their travel, accommodation and tickets – ensuring that customers are free to relax and enjoy the occasion.

Newmarket HolidaysNewmarket Holidays offers customers travel options that include coach, rail and air travel, as well as providing top-class accommodation if required. Some of the most popular performances on offer are from the likes of Cliff Richard, Andre Rieu, Daniel O’Donnell and the increasingly popular Michael Buble. Should customers also want to experience another country or destination, Newmarket Holidays also creates overseas concert packages so that fans can see their favourite stars perform in places such as Maastricht and Brussels.

Concerts are becoming an extremely popular way of celebrating special events or occasions with close friends and family, but travel and ticket options for a large group can sometimes prove difficult. Newmarket Holidays understands this and offers customers the security and convenience of purchasing a complete travel and accommodation package for the event (dependent upon availability). It is therefore much easier to organise and arrange, and customers do not have the hassle and stress of trying to organise everything individually. The Newmarket Holidays Team is renowned for its organisational skills and efficient practice, and the team members take great pride in their reputation for exemplary customer service. They welcome feedback and comments from past and present customers, as a way to improve their service even more in the future. This has already been recognised in the form of five nominations at this year’s British Travel Awards.

Newmarket Holidays – Why Choose Newmarket Holidays?

Established in 1983, Newmarket Holidays now finds itself as one of the leading independent tour operators in the United Kingdom. The success of the company is down to the excellent customer service that they offer, and to the exciting and extremely well thought out itineraries of the various holidays and breaks that they offer to customers. Every year, many customers are actually returning guests who have enjoyed past tours with Newmarket and have quickly returned to take advantage of the company’s customer-focused approach to their services. Two of the key components to the services offered by Newmarket are quality and value. The company takes great care  organising tours around these two key components in the belief that its loyal band of customers deserve superb experiences and exciting adventures without having to spend vast amounts of money.

Newmarket HolidaysNewmarket Holidays provides tours to suit all requirements and budgets. Whether it is a short break to a UK destination or a long-haul trip to one of the more exotic locations on offer, guests can rest assured that Newmarket Holidays has it all covered. Newmarket Holidays only uses reputable airlines and hotels so that their guests are able to relax, both during their journey and also when they arrive at each of their destinations. . The hotels have been chosen with comfort and location in mind so that customers can relax and enjoy their facilities and surroundings after a day of travel or sight-seeing.

Each of the tours on offer has the dedicated service of a tour manager, who is there to assist and advise customers on all aspects of the tour and the associated destinations. Newmarket Holidays takes great care when selecting and training its tour managers, and places particular emphasis on local knowledge, communication and customer service skills. This has resulted in an excellent relationship being formed between the company and their customers. Newmarket Holidays offer departures from over 30 airports across the UK, ensuring that customers don’t need to make excessive journeys before their flights. This is of particular benefit to families and older couples.

Newmarket Holidays / Award Winning Tour Operator

Newmarket Holidays has been in operation for thirty years to date, providing travellers with escorted holidays and short breaks to destinations across the UK, Europe and the world. Since 1983, Newmarket Holidays has built up a strong reputation for excellent value for money, and for putting together affordable holiday packages which allow the traveller to experience a wide variety of new and exciting things while being guided through the trip by a knowledgeable professional. Newmarket Holidays have had their achievements recognised both by on-going customer feedback and by the receipt of several prestigious industry awards.

Newmarket HolidaysThe British Travel Awards have honoured Newmarket Holidays on several occasions over the past few years. In 2011, Newmarket Holidays were voted Best UK Coach Tour Operator by the British public. In 2012, Newmarket Holidays took home the Best Tour Operator to Italy and Malta award, as well as being shortlisted in both the Best Operator to the USA and the Best Coach Operator categories. 2013 sees Newmarket Holidays nominated in five separate categories, including Best Large Holiday Company Escorted Tours, Best Coach Holiday Company and Best Holiday Company for Customer Service. Voting for these awards has now closed and Newmarket Holidays eagerly await the results, which are due to be published on November 1st.

Newmarket Holidays offer their customers a wide variety of holidays to choose from, beginning with short UK breaks and working up to 18-day trips to far-flung locations, such as New Zealand or the Far East. Newmarket Holidays pride themselves on having something for everyone, and each escorted holiday package is put together with care in order to ensure that the customer feels that their holiday has been not only highly enjoyable but also excellent value for money. Whether customers are heading  for a day trip to check out Christmas markets, to scenic Scotland for a week-long rail adventure, to Italy for a historic tour including sampling some of the finest wines and cuisine, or to Thailand for an exotic break which is nothing like anything ever experienced before, the one thing all Newmarket Holidays promise is a fully escorted trip which is both affordable and enjoyable.

Newmarket Holidays – British Travel Awards Veterans

The holiday industry is notoriously competitive. Holiday companies and tour operators have to provide exceptional service to their customers if they are to stay at the top of the industry. One way in which the reputation of an operator can be enhanced is by receiving industry nominations and awards. There are a variety of awards in the travel world, but those that are valued most highly are the ones that derive from a public vote.

Industry awards that are ultimately influenced by travel experts or judges who have little or no direct contact with the operators are effective in the sense that they deliver an objective view. Yet they are somehow remote from reality, and in that respect are less insightful. The British Travel Awards differ in the sense that the accolades they award come directly from votes placed by the consumers themselves.

Newmarket HolidaysNewmarket Holidays is one holiday company that has benefitted from this approach in recent years.  In 2011 they won the British Travel Awards title of Best UK Coach Operator. This was clearly not a stroke of luck, as Newmarket Holidays again won the hearts and minds of its customers in 2012, securing the Best Tour Operator to the Italian Peninsula and Malta award. In 2013, the now veteran award-winners have received no fewer than five nominations. The phrase “success breeds success” is certainly true for Newmarket Holidays.

Participants in the voting process for the British Travel Awards include over 100,000 independent UK households. They will have been on the receiving end of numerous types of holiday experiences from a wide range of operators. These are the consumers who save up each year to book and enjoy holidays, and whom have high expectations of a positive experience supported by outstanding customer service. The British Travel Awards offer customers the chance to share the benefit of their experiences, and give them a chance to make a real difference.

Holiday companies receiving good support in the British Travel Awards see a rise in customer numbers as a result. This is great news for the chosen nominees and winners, but only if they are able to continually provide good service. Holiday customers rarely give operators a second chance if they receive poor-quality service. Any operator receiving awards and nominations for a number of consecutive years from the British Travel Awards is sending out a clear message to its customers that they are constantly striving to achieve and improve.

Vote for your favourite tour operator at the British Travel Awards | Newmarket Holidays

For anyone who has yet to take a holiday this year, or for those who would simply like to get away for a few days without spending a small fortune, Newmarket Holidays may have the answer. This tour operator was given the title of Best Tour Operator to Malta and the Italian Peninsula last year at the British Travel Awards, and has since been nominated in the same category for the 2013 awards. In addition to this, it has received nominations for four other categories, including Best Holiday Company to the USA, and Best for Customer Services, as well as Best Escorted Tours Company and Best Coach Company.

Newmarket HolidaysThe staff working at Newmarket Holidays goes to great lengths to ensure that they provide a consistently excellent service, and so would be thrilled to win an award once again this year. However, in order to do this, they need a bit of help from the public, as the winners are chosen based on the amount of people that vote for them. Voting will take up just a few minutes of your time, and you will then be automatically entered into an amazing prize draw, where there are some fantastic prizes up for grabs. Anyone can vote, so do make sure that you tell your relatives and friends to get on board and cast their votes as well.

This can be done by going onto the British Travel Awards website and clicking on the voting section. Once you reach this page, you simply register (by filling in your name and contact details), and then answering the list of questions which will then pop up on the screen. The first question asks voters to decide who their favourite holiday companies are for particular types of holidays. When you select this question, you’ll see a list of several award categories, including the ones which Newmarket Holidays has been nominated for.

Choose the categories in which you would like to vote by clicking on them, and then go through the list, find Newmarket and then hit the ‘submit answer’ button. This will take just a couple of minutes from start to finish, and after you’re done, your contact details will automatically be entered into the prize draw by the system. If you’re a fan of this tour operator, this is a great way to show your support and let the world know that you are happy with the service they have provided.