Newmarket Holidays – Rock, Pop and Live Entertainment

Newmarket Holidays is one of the leading independent tour operators in the United Kingdom and has many years’ worth of experience arranging visits to some of the most in-demand concerts across Europe. Customers can rest assured that their experience will be as enjoyable and relaxed as possible while travel and ticketing requirements will be smooth and efficient. Since its first organised coach trip to Paris in 1983, Newmarket Holidays has grown in experience and expertise, and is able to pass this onto customers via their team of highly skilled staff. Trips to live events, such as concerts, can be tricky to organise and arrange – particularly if the concert is in high demand or taking place far away from your home. Newmarket Holidays provides its customers with all of their travel, accommodation and tickets – ensuring that customers are free to relax and enjoy the occasion.

Newmarket HolidaysNewmarket Holidays offers customers travel options that include coach, rail and air travel, as well as providing top-class accommodation if required. Some of the most popular performances on offer are from the likes of Cliff Richard, Andre Rieu, Daniel O’Donnell and the increasingly popular Michael Buble. Should customers also want to experience another country or destination, Newmarket Holidays also creates overseas concert packages so that fans can see their favourite stars perform in places such as Maastricht and Brussels.

Concerts are becoming an extremely popular way of celebrating special events or occasions with close friends and family, but travel and ticket options for a large group can sometimes prove difficult. Newmarket Holidays understands this and offers customers the security and convenience of purchasing a complete travel and accommodation package for the event (dependent upon availability). It is therefore much easier to organise and arrange, and customers do not have the hassle and stress of trying to organise everything individually. The Newmarket Holidays Team is renowned for its organisational skills and efficient practice, and the team members take great pride in their reputation for exemplary customer service. They welcome feedback and comments from past and present customers, as a way to improve their service even more in the future. This has already been recognised in the form of five nominations at this year’s British Travel Awards.