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Portugal is the farthest west of all the countries in continental Europe, which means that it has many miles of beautiful Atlantic coastline. As the location was historically strategically important, Portugal has seen many cultures reside in and influence the land that is currently Portugal. As a result, the country has developed not only an exceptional and unique culture of its own but is also home to remarkable cultural and architectural landmarks. Portugal’s fascinating history and exciting culture make it an enthralling spot for travellers to explore. Many areas of the country’s cities and resorts exude elegance and sophistication, while other areas provide exceptionally beautiful natural sights. The country is also known for being one of the top countries in the world with respect to its number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Newmarket HolidaysThe Portuguese capital city of Lisbon distills Portugal’s enthralling blend of the past and the present, the historic and the modern, into one of Europe’s most fascinating urban centres. Lisbon stands on the famous River Tagus, the launching point for many of the world’s most famous explorers, the place from where these explorers set off to discover the New World.

Lisbon is no doubt one of the most popular spots for tourists visiting Portugal, but it is important to note that the country has a great deal of other interesting areas. Estoril, for example, is an elegant resort featuring the largest casino in Europe as well as a beautiful seafront with many cafes and bistros. Estoril, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, is a popular base for holidays for good reason, offering an ideal mix of bustle and  opportunities for relaxation.

The province of Alentejo is another remarkable area of Portugal well worth visiting. The famous UNESCO-listed city of Evora is at the heart of the province, which is also filled with olive farms and wineries. Beautiful remnants of the Renaissance abound in Alentejo.

Nearby, many ancient sites of historical and architectural interest invite explorers and travellers to learn about them. Portugal can offer, with the right planning and organisation, some of the best holidays one can experience. It is an enchanting country, known as much for its history and culture as for its high quality of life, beautiful resorts, and thrilling urban areas. Newmarket Holidays offers escorted holidays to Portugal, enabling travellers to experience Portugal in all its splendour with the added benefit  of the services of a tour manager.