The Musical States of the American South | Newmarket Holidays

There are many reasons to visit the historic Southern states of the United States. States such as Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee have manyNewmarket Holidays sites of historical interest. Many travellers go  for these, or simply for the area’s natural beauty and unique cultures. However, one of the main reasons that travellers from other places in America or from abroad enjoy holidays to these states is that these are the states that have given the United States its musical identity. Even the distinctly Detroit sounds of Motown have their roots in the jazz, blues,  country and early rock n’ roll of the Mississippi Delta and surrounding areas.

Artists known the world over, including such names as ‘Fats’ Domino, Robert Johnson, W.C. Handy, Louis Armstrong, Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton and Patsy Cline, have reflected the region’s musical innovations and styles, bringing them to audiences the world over. The birthplace of jazz music is New Orleans, Louisiana, an extraordinary city known both for giving birth to the true musical heritage of America and for  such sights as the famous French Quarter. New Orleans is a city unique and distinct unto itself, with a cultural blend that is not quite reflected anywhere else in the States. People of varying heritage have always populated New Orleans and the city reflects that, with influences from French, Creole, Caribbean, Irish, Haitian, Vietnamese and German communities prevalent in everything from food to architecture. However, unlike  some cities where different cultures exist but in their own areas, New Orleans, despite historical tensions, is a melting pot of influences.

Elvis Presley Jailhouse RockMemphis, Tennessee is another important city to visit for travellers interested in music history. It is most well-known for Graceland, home to Elvis in his later years and something of an Elvis shrine at present. However, Memphis is also regarded by many as the true home of the blues and boasts such famous studios as Sun Studio, where Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley recorded their first records. Nashville is a must-see city, regarded as the centre of country music. Nashville has been an important city for most of country’s biggest stars, old and new.

The region’s geography is also splendid, with scenery ranging from the famed Mississippi Delta to cotton fields and wooded hills in Tennessee, as well as the Gulf of Mexico. Visiting these states is an experience rich with sound and sensation. Newmarket Holidays offers escorted holidays during 2014 that allow travellers to explore the region’s mystique.