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The Netherlands, known commonly in English as Holland (North and South Holland being two of its provinces), is a picturesque, small country that has Belgium on its southern border and Germany on its eastern border.

Newmarket HolidaysHolland is a densely populated country, small but with a population of 16 million. The country has a great history as a naval power and has produced cultural artifacts and figures that are regarded as among the most important in world history. Holland is especially well-known for its painters. The landscape of Holland is flat but picturesque and with rural charm outside the sophisticated, cosmopolitan cities. Windmills and clogs are also things that Holland is famous for. The urban side of Holland reflects its status as a modern, international, cosmopolitan European country with a liberal mentality. Holland is a founding member of both NATO and the European Union. The International Court of Justice, famously, is located in Holland in The Hague. This fact reflects the status of Holland as being an important player in international cooperation and international relations.

What really attracts travellers to Holland is the friendly, welcoming attitude that makes travellers feel at home although they might be from far away. The small size of the country and its many sights also make it appealing to travellers, whether for a quick getaway or as an addition to a more extensive tour of Europe.

Newmarket HolidaysHolland is a very colourful country, and summertime gives travellers the chance to see its colours, hopefully shining in the summer sunlight. Amsterdam is the country’s most famous city, well-known for its cafe-bars, canals and cobblestones. The ‘Venice of the North’ is also famous for its colourful flower market. The seat of Holland’s government is at The Hague, and guided walking tours are recommended for travellers who wish to learn more. The Peace Palace, the famous Mauritshuis museum and the historic Binnenhof  parliament buildings are well worth seeing. Travellers can also explore popular seaside resorts and rural areas dotted with many windmills.

An escorted holiday such as those offered by Newmarket Holidays in the summer of 2014 is a great way to get to know Holland. A quality escorted holiday at a good price will cover most of the highlights of Holland in a comfortable, informative way.