Newmarket Holidays – Exploring the UK and Ireland

Newmarket Holidays was founded in 1983 with the intention to provide customers with escorted tours to destinations across the world. Newmarket Holidays is part of The Newmarket Group – one of the largest independent tour operators in the United Kingdom. The continued success of Newmarket Holidays is down to the company’s dedication to customer service and its commitment to providing customers with fantastic holidays at affordable prices. Staff at Newmarket Holidays have been selected for their ability to communicate effectively with customers, identifying the needs of each and every one of the customers they have contact with, and then advising and offering guidance in relation to suitable holidays or breaks based on their requirements.

Newmarket Holidays offers holidays and breaks to destinations around the world, but arguably built its initial reputation through itsescorted tours around the United Kingdom and Ireland. Its range of escorted tours that take in the sights of the UK and Ireland are still extremely popular to this day, with tens of thousands of customers enjoying the exciting itineraries, the fascinating destinations and the assistance of the knowledgeable Tour Guides from Newmarket Holidays.

Newmarket Holidays Newmarket Holidayscurrently offers escorted tours to a number of destinations throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. Some of its most popular tours include The Scottish Highlands, which allows customers to explore the mesmerising and idyllic landscapes that only the Highlands can offer, Donegal and The Giant’s Causeway, one of the must-see locations when visiting Ireland, and The Belfast and Titanic Experience where customers can take in all that Belfast can offer whilst also enjoying an insight in to the story of the ill-fated Titanic.

Newmarket Holidays has a large and varied range of holidays and breaks in the United Kingdom and Ireland and its staff are available to answer and questions or queries from customers relating to any of the destinations in their range. Newmarket Holidays takes great pride in being able to offer “something for everybody” and has selected its range of holidays and breaks with this in mind, ensuring that customer satisfaction is the number-one priority.

Newmarket Holidays – Coach and rail breaks

Newmarket Holidays has a fine reputation for delivering first-class escorted tours at extremely affordable prices. Since it was established in 1983, the company has been providing its customers with exciting and interesting tours to many destinations throughout the world. Initially, Newmarket Holidays offered its customers coach breaks to various locations across the UK and Europe, and the success of these tours has seen the company offer further options throughout the year’s right up until present day. The range of tours has certainly increased over the years, but the exceptional customer service and value for money remains the same.

Newmarket Holidays understands that each and every one of their customers is an individual, and as such desires different things from their holidays and breaks. It is with this in mind that the company offers their customers such an extensive range of escorted tours. Some of the most popular tours with customers of Newmarket Holidays are the coach and rail breaks. These breaks tend to involve a relatively shorter amount of travelling, and as such can be taken throughout the year without the need to plan for an extended break. Each and every escorted tour in the coach and rail break range from Newmarket Holidays comes with the services of dedicated Tour Manager as standard. The Newmarket Holidays Tour Manager has been trained extensively in all aspects of customer service, and possesses all the required local knowledge to ensure that they can fully assist those on the tour and improve their overall experience.

The range of coach and rail breaks offered by Newmarket Holidays has proved extremely popular with customers. Newmarket Holidays currently offers coach and rail breaks to destinations such as London, Edinburgh and Paris. In addition to this, many of the escorted tours that involve travel by coach or rail cater to those customers that want to attend various events anNewmarket Holidaysd festivals. Newmarket Holidays specialises in providing escorted tours to many of the biggest events and festivals in both the UK and Europe. Sporting events such as The British Grand Prix, Wimbledon and The Grand National are all part of the range at Newmarket Holidays. For those seeking a less hectic experience, Newmarket Holidays offers tours to many of the major flower shows by coach, together with relaxing rail breaks that take in some of the most breathtaking scenery in the United Kingdom.

Newmarket Holidays – Fun for all the family at Disneyland Paris

Family holidays are all about fun and enjoyment. In fact,  for many, families holidays represent one of the few times of the year when the whole family can relax together. Newmarket Holidays is a company from the United Kingdom that specialise in providing customers with escorted tours to destinations across the world. Newmarket Holidays was established in 1983 and initially provided escorted coach tours, all of which are still extremely popular to this day. Newmarket Holidays has taken great care in providing its customers with interesting and exciting tour itineraries and its range of family fun tours is no exception.

Newmarket HolidaysNewmarket Holidays offers escorted tours to Disneyland in Paris on which customers can enjoy various events and festivals throughout the year. Disneyland is a magical place for parents and children alike and is renowned for its tremendous attractions and experiences. Newmarket Holidays offers holidays or short breaks to families looking to take advantage of this extremely popular attraction. The staff at Newmarket Holidays work closely with prospective customers in order to identify the best possible itinerary and travel arrangements. Travel can be arranged via coach, car, air and the popular direct Eurostar option, and there are several different dates of departure on offer.

Newmarket Holidays also specialises in organising holidays and breaks to Disneyland Paris during special events and festivals, and staff are happy to discuss and advise families when such events are taking place throughout the year. Some of the most popular special events at Disneyland Paris that are on offer from Newmarket Holidays include Mickeys Magical Fireworks and Bonfire Break. This escorted coach break is one of the highlights of the year, and culminates in  an explosive array of fireworks and a laser show that thrills families.Another popular Disney tour is the New Year Break, which brings together families from across the world to celebrate New Year in typical Disney fashion with exciting and colourful parades and events that culminate in another awe-inspiring fireworks display to see in the New Year.

Newmarket Holidays also offers various other breaks and holidays to Disneyland Paris throughout the year, and special mention should be made of their tours that take place during school holidays. These are very popular with families looking to take advantage of the breaks in the school year.

Newmarket Holidays – The greatest UK sporting events

The United Kingdom plays host to some of the most exciting and must-see sporting events each and every year and hundreds of thousands of people flock to these events to see some of the world’s premier sporting superstars in action. Throughout the year there are various sporting events that take place to suit everyone, and tickets for such events are always at a premium. In addition to this, suitable accommodation close to where the event is taking place is extremely hard to obtain and travel options to the event itself can involve stressful traffic jams and queues.

Many people attending some of these exclusive sporting events are taking advantage of the services offered by tour operators such as Newmarket Holidays who are able to provide both ticketing solutions and travel arrangements together with suitable accommodation close to the event should an extended stay be required. This negates the stress of having to organise each aspect of the event individually, and provides customers of companies such as Newmarket Holidays with a relaxing and stress-free alternative.

Some of the major sporting events that take place in the United Kingdom throughout the year include The Grand National, which takes place at Aintree in Liverpool and is considered to be the most famous steeplechNewmarket Holidaysase in the world; Wimbledon, which is arguably the premier tennis event in the calendar year and takes places each and every summer; and The British Grand Prix, which is attended by hundreds of thousands of motor enthusiasts eager to see their heroes be the first past the chequered flag.

Newmarket Holidays offers its customers escorted tours to all of the above events, plus much more throughout the year. Travel is arranged by rail or coach and accommodation, if required, is located with the convenience of the customer in mind and is of the highest standard. Tickets are also included in the packages, which negates the need for hours of telephone calls or internet queues in order to secure your own. Some of the other notable sporting events that take place throughout the year in the United Kingdom include Royal Ascot and The Open Championship, which is considered by many to be the most historic golfing event of the year.

Newmarket Holidays – Brief history and overview

Newmarket Holidays is an independent tour operator that is based in the United Kingdom and offers its customers escorted tour holidays to destinations throughout the world. The experienced and knowledgeable staff at Newmarket Holidays are extremely customer Newmarket Holidaysfocused, and strive to offer current and prospective customers relevant advice and assistance regarding all aspects relating to their range of holidays. Newmarket Holidays has a burgeoning reputation for offering their customers first-class holidays at affordable prices. Since the company was first established, Newmarket Holidays has grown steadily both in terms of stature and standing and is now regarded as one of the largest independent tour operators in the United Kingdom.

The staff at Newmarket Holidays are renowned for their dedication and commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction throughout each and every escorted tour that they offer. They have worked extremely hard to identify the best accommodation, and have meticulously planned the itineraries in order to make them both engaging and exciting for all of their customers.

The company itself was established in 1983 in conjunction with The Newmarket Group, and its steady rise has seen it win plaudits for its escorted tours due to the excellent customer service offered by its staff and its dedication to offer customers value for money. The hard work of Newmarket Holidays has not gone unrecognised by official bodies either, with the company receiving numerous industry accolades, which include back-to-back “Best Tour Operator” awards relating specifically to coach holidays,holidays to Italy and escorted tours. Newmarket Holidays are quite rightly proud of these fantastic achievements and hope to keep evolving and improving their services further for the benefit of future clients.

Newmarket Holidays offer its customers the opportunity to experience a multitude of destinations worldwide and also offers escorted tours to various events, concerts and shows throughout the world. Newmarket Holidays works closely with a number of organisations and is particularly proud of its links with them.

Newmarket Holidays is keen to offer customers stress-free holidays and has taken great care in planning each and every one of its tours with the interests of its customers in mind. Many of the tours offer local departures throughout the country and the staff at Newmarket Holidays are committed to providing options for all of their customers, regardless of budget and duration.