Newmarket Holidays – British Travel Awards Veterans

The holiday industry is notoriously competitive. Holiday companies and tour operators have to provide exceptional service to their customers if they are to stay at the top of the industry. One way in which the reputation of an operator can be enhanced is by receiving industry nominations and awards. There are a variety of awards in the travel world, but those that are valued most highly are the ones that derive from a public vote.

Industry awards that are ultimately influenced by travel experts or judges who have little or no direct contact with the operators are effective in the sense that they deliver an objective view. Yet they are somehow remote from reality, and in that respect are less insightful. The British Travel Awards differ in the sense that the accolades they award come directly from votes placed by the consumers themselves.

Newmarket HolidaysNewmarket Holidays is one holiday company that has benefitted from this approach in recent years.  In 2011 they won the British Travel Awards title of Best UK Coach Operator. This was clearly not a stroke of luck, as Newmarket Holidays again won the hearts and minds of its customers in 2012, securing the Best Tour Operator to the Italian Peninsula and Malta award. In 2013, the now veteran award-winners have received no fewer than five nominations. The phrase “success breeds success” is certainly true for Newmarket Holidays.

Participants in the voting process for the British Travel Awards include over 100,000 independent UK households. They will have been on the receiving end of numerous types of holiday experiences from a wide range of operators. These are the consumers who save up each year to book and enjoy holidays, and whom have high expectations of a positive experience supported by outstanding customer service. The British Travel Awards offer customers the chance to share the benefit of their experiences, and give them a chance to make a real difference.

Holiday companies receiving good support in the British Travel Awards see a rise in customer numbers as a result. This is great news for the chosen nominees and winners, but only if they are able to continually provide good service. Holiday customers rarely give operators a second chance if they receive poor-quality service. Any operator receiving awards and nominations for a number of consecutive years from the British Travel Awards is sending out a clear message to its customers that they are constantly striving to achieve and improve.

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