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The Spanish autonomous community of Andalusia is one of the most historic and fascinating areas of a country rich in diverse culture and important historical sites. As the most highly populated of the autonomous communities, Andalusia offers travellers the chance to encounter a variety of fascinating urban centres, many of which have histories that stretch back centuries. Most well-known out of these urban centres are the cities of Seville, which is the capital, and the city of Granada.

Newmarket HolidaysThis region of Spain is well-known for the Moorish Islamic and Arabic influences from centuries ago, but Romani, Iberian, Phoenician, Greek, Roman and Byzantine influences also abound. Although the region has seen many cultural influences over the centuries, it currently has one of the strongest cultural identities among Spanish autonomous communities and is well-known for its rich cultural presence. Indeed, much of what is known as distinctively Spanish outside the country is distinctively Andalusian, with bullfighting, flamenco and certain architectural styles all stemming from this region.

One of the region’s most astonishing sights is the Alhambra Palace, which dates back to the Moorish and Islamic period in Andalusia. Antequera is a popular base for holidays to the area, as it features all the hallmarks of a traditional market town of the region, as well as a museum that is well worth visiting and a classic Moorish castle. Nearby, ancient Dolmen caves are among the attractions for travellers.

Seville is one of Europe’s and Spain’s most remarkable cities, with many centuries of history inspiring such works as Mozart’s ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ and Bizet’s ‘Carmen.’ The city’s Cathedral is among the largest Christian Gothic structures. Other attractions for travellers to Seville include the ancient bullring – the Plaza de Toros – and the beautiful Plaza de Espana. While Seville is the current capital, Granada is the historic capital. Other than its most famous structure the Alhambra, there are numerous historic sites for travellers to explore while in Granada. Other places worth exploring in the region include Cordoba and Ronda, the latter of which features a famous, historic bullring and is situated above a well-known and stunning gorge.

The ideal way to explore Andalusia is by means of an escorted holiday. Newmarket Holidays offers travellers escorted holidays to the autonomous Spanish community of Andalusia, covering many of the highlights mentioned above. The valuable services of a Newmarket Holidays tour manager are among the reasons one should choose an escorted holiday.

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