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The Isle of Man lies in the Irish Sea, between Ireland and Great Britain. This beautiful island is not part of the United Kingdom, proper, but the United Kingdom is responsible for foreign affairs and defence. As a result, the Isle of Man has its own parliament and government and is an associate member of the European Union.

Newmarket HolidaysThe island enjoys mild winters and cool summers. The average summer temperatures are comfortable, generally ranging between the low and mid-twenties in centigrade. The lowland areas can sometimes be enveloped by a thick sea fog known to locals as Manannan’s Cloak. This name refers to the Isle of Man’s ancient Sea God. The Isle of Man offers travellers the chance to experience various sorts of terrain, with a plain in the far north, hills in the north and south of the island, and a central valley.

Travellers will find that the capital of the island, Douglas, is an ideal base for a visit to the Isle of Man. Douglas is a seaside resort that attracts travellers, but also retains its own identity as a busy harbour and a centre for finance. In Douglas, travellers can enjoy beautiful scenery and views of the sea. One way to do so is to take a charming horse-drawn tram.

Escorted holidays such as those offered by Newmarket Holidays can be a terrific way to encounter the Isle of Man. The reason why such holidays may be a better option than going with a non-escorted holiday is that the Isle of Man is genuinely a place unto its own. For one, the Isle of Man has the oldest democracy in the world, as well as a variety of unique customs, fascinating folklore, and compelling history and heritage. Guided tours are great for getting to know a place better and a professional Tour Manager can really bring a destination to life for visitors.

Newmarket HolidaysTravellers will enjoy visiting the largest surviving water wheel in the world, Laxey Wheel, as well as visiting the port of Peel. Peel is an especially compelling place to visit while on the Isle of Man, as it is famous for its history, surviving in the form of its Castle and in the form of Grove House, a Victorian-era villa now converted into a museum. Peel is also home to tasty Manx kippers.

Other top attractions include the views at the Calf of Man, located at the island’s southern tip, and Castletown,  once the island’s capital.