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Stepping outside your normal routine and getting away from home can indeed do amazing things for both the body and the spirit. The long-lasting benefits of visiting faraway places are certainly worth the time and expense of getting there, and Newmarket Holidays offers a stunning array of tour destinations to choose from. Even if you lead an exciting life, with a busy job and many friends and social activities in a lively city, there is nothing like the unique experiences afforded by world travel.

Open Your Eyes

The truth is, travel isn’t really about leaving home so much as it is about leaving your habits. Travel to foreign countries opens your eyes to other ways people live, giving you a broader perspective on other cultures, and newer appreciation for what you have in your home country. Travelling abroad instils in you an exciting sense of adventure, while giving you time away from your normal routine to relax and de-stress. In fact, your travel experiences may be as legendary as attending the running of the bulls in Spain, or as tranquil as floating on the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. In every corner of the world, there is something exciting waiting for you, and Newmarket Holidays has just the ticket to get you there.

A Sampling of Newmarket Holidays Destinationshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tourism_in_Brazil

Newmarket Holidays offers tours to some of the world’s most exhilarating destinations, from the majesty of Ancient India to vibrant life of Rio de Janeiro. Newmarket Holidays’ friendly and helpful Customer Service team is available to take care of all the details, and to ensure you receive a brilliant holiday at great value.

Grand Tour of India

One of the world’s oldest civilizations, India has much to offer in the way of stunning sights. Ancient cities and awe-inspiring temples, museums, safaris, and the endangered Tigers of Ranthambhore are but a few of the fascinating things India has to offer.

The Best of China

A study in diversity, China offers hints of their ages-old civilisation alongside 21st-century glass and steel architecture and technology  - creating a country that is truly a wonder to behold. Add a visit to the legendary Terracotta Army of Qin Shi Huang, China’s first Emperor, and a tour of the Forbidden City and such sites as the Temple of Heaven, and your tour of China is sure to be one you will never forget.

Take the Plunge

Whether or not you are culturally minded, travel to exotic places is a tempting form of escape from the drudgery of everyday life. You can’t deny that, when there is a foot of snow outside your front door, you wouldn’t mind swimming in the balmy waters of the Mediterranean. Browse the holiday destinations Newmarket Holidays has to offer, and let the friendly Customer Service Team assist you in booking your tour.

Brazil and Argentina | Newmarket Holidays

Brazil and Argentina are, respectively, the largest and second largest countries in South America. Both countries are known for their diverse and remarkable cultures. Brazil is notable for being the only non-Spanish-speaking country in South America, as the majority of the population speaks Portuguese.

Newmarket HolidaysThe most well-known cities of both countries are also among the most engaging cities in the world. Rio de Janeiro, the second largest city in Brazil, is a bustling, teeming metropolis that is truly one of the most exciting places in the world, while Buenos Aires offers travellers the chance to enjoy that city’s elegant atmosphere. Buenos Aires, the largest city in Argentina and the second-largest in South America, is justifiably known as the Paris of the Americas. Argentina’s Buenos Aires is a charming picture of elegance, with superb shopping and dining options at affordable prices. The city’s Spanish charm and cultural sophistication can be seen at every corner, with remarkable architecture and history for travellers to experience.

When visiting both Argentina and Brazil, it is essential to experience the wondrous Iguazú waterfalls – all 275 of them. The natural wonders at the falls are truly astonishing examples of natural beauty, and form a good contrast to the distinct experiences in Buenos Aires and in Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro is known around the world for its pulsing vibrancy, for the distinctive dance of the samba and for its remarkable beaches, including the Copacabana and the Ipanema. Taking the famous cable car at Sugar Loaf Mountain,  high above Rio, and witnessing spectacular views of one of the world’s most exciting cities is a highly memorable experience.

Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro cannot possibly capture the entirety of South America’s culture, but these cities do offer travellers the chance to encounter two of the world’s most remarkable urban areas. Immersing oneself in the cultures of Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro will give one a new appreciation for, and understanding of, the diversity and beauty of South America.

An escorted holiday offered by Newmarket Holidays is an excellent way to get the most out of a  once-in-a-lifetime South American experience. By taking an escorted holiday, one can enjoy a comfortable experience, well-planned and expertly organised, which will take one to see the major highlights of Argentina and Brazil.